Dont be afriad too chase after your Dreams ♡

You Will/Can Accomplish EVERYTHING, Everyone told you, you couldnt ♡

I’m going to accomplish EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has told me I can’t or I won’t!!!

I’m going to get somewhere in life.

I’m going to get my G2 (Drivers license)

I’m going to buy a cheap Jeep Patriot or Jeep Liberty, than I’m going to work my way up to my dream car that people say “Will never happen” A Lime Green Jeep Wrangler, Lifted, Black Rims and Tinted windows. But at this point I’m fine with any Wrangler, just so I can come back and say “I DID IT, and Prove you all WRONG”

I’m going to get a part time job till I can find a career path to follow.
Right now I’m thinking of being a Fitness YouTuber and on the side I want to be able to teach others about FASD.

I’m going to find the guy who will want me for me.
I’m going to get married and have an amazing family, I’m going to make sure my kids are happy and NEVER have to go through the pain most of us go through daily.

If you want something, if you have dreams, CHASE AFTER THEM! !!!!

DONT let others tell you “you cant” or “That’s never going to happen” or “keep dreaming”
Never say Never. But what you can do is keep dreaming until you make your dreams reality!!!! 🙂

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